When you decide it is time to return the calculator there is NO need to send any personal or additional information with it, the
calculator contains all of the information needed to identify your account. When packages arrive at our PO Box, they are stamped
with the current date and time of their arrival and they enter the process needed to close your account. This process usually takes
about two weeks, you do NOT get charged for this two week period. We close your account based on the stamped date on which your
package arrived at our PO Box.

Therefore, whether your account gets charged for another month or not
depends on the date your package arrives or arrived at
our PO Box
, it does NOT depend on when we open your package and it does NOT depend on when we close your account.

Some students ask: Why does it take two weeks to close my account after you have received my package? During the two week
period, packages are opened, calculators are tested, information is recorded, accounts are closed, and deposits are credited back,
that is exactly what takes place during those two weeks. Therefore, as soon as your package goes through this process and your
account is closed your security deposit (if you provided one) will be credited back to your card on file and you will receive a
confirmation via e-mail.

Before shipping your graphing calculator rental back, please refer to the following checklist for recommendations and best practices.
Also, if you feel that this program helped you and you would like to say “thank you” by sending a donation, please include it in your
package, actions of good will is what keeps this program alive. If you decide to send a check please make it payable to
Rentcalculators.org. Thank you and God bless you.

1. [_] Ship the calculator in a strong bubble-wrap envelope.
Be sure that the bubble-wrap envelope has NOT been used before. You may buy one directly from your local Post-Office. Stores
such as Wal-Mart, Target, Staples, Office Max, Office Depot, and so on carry bubble-wrap envelopes as well. If you decide to send it
in an envelope which is not a bubble-wrap envelope, we recommend that you bubble-wrap the calculator. This will assure that your
graphing calculator rental arrives in good shape.

2. [_] On your package, be sure that the address reads clearly and correct.
If you decide to cut and tape the address label provided, we recommend that you use the thick clear tape that covers the entire label
with one piece of tape. Making sure that your label is firm and clear will assure the arrival of your package without any delays. If you
decide to write the address on the package by hand, please write it nicely, clearly, and double check it when you are done. If your
address label is not taped as indicated or your writing is sloppy your package may get lost in the mail.

3. [_] Confirm that your package has been sealed properly, if necessary use more tape to seal it.

[_] Confirm that your shipping carrier delivers to PO Boxes.
UPS and FedEx do NOT deliver to PO Boxes. You are free to choose the shipping carrier and shipping method that is most
convenient for you. The best and most affordable way we have found to ship these packages has been through USPS (United States
Postal Service) from any local Post-Office via “First-Class” or “Priority-Mail” with “Delivery Confirmation.”
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RC Returns Dept.              
PO Box 1774                     
Norwalk, CA 90651-1774
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